Introducing Oink: A Better Way To Do Money

What is Oink?

Oink is a new Google Sheets Add-On that automatically syncs your bank transactions to the same spreadsheet where you manage your money. Yes, it’s that simple.

Why did we develop Oink?

Matteo Stohlman & Evan Lynch, the founders of Oink, were fed up with the personal finance apps out there. Looking around online, it turns out there are a lot of other people who are fed up too. Apps imposing their own categories, auto-categorizing transactions incorrectly, failing to sync accounts, you name it there are 100 complaints about it online.

Instead of just trying to create yet another personal finance app, we took a step back and thought about what people were really looking for in a personal finance tool. What we discovered in talking to people is that everyone has their own unique way of managing their finances. Case in point, at the beginning of a marriage, one of the first things a couple needs to work out is how to manage finances together. The reason this can be difficult, is because before they got married, they inevitably managed their finances in two different ways. So no wonder people struggle with personal finance apps! Trying to fit people into a box, when there are so many unique ways of managing finances is inevitably going to lead to a lot of frustration for customers.

For good reason then, spreadsheets are still by and large the preferred approach for managing personal finances. However, this comes with one challenge. It requires a lot of work to pull your bank transactions and categorize them. At best, this creates a disincentive to proactively update your spreadsheet to know how you're doing financially. At worst, it's a complete showstopper, leading people to be stuck between apps that don't work and spreadsheets that are too difficult to manage.

We believe that taking care of the process of pulling your transactions can eliminate a lot of the work required to manage your money in a spreadsheet. We want to make the choice obvious, that spreadsheets are still the best tool for managing your money. This is why we developed Oink.

How to get started.

If you’re interested in trying out Oink, head on over to our page on the Google Sheets Add-On store. If you already have your own system set up with your own spreadsheet, you can easily add the Oink add-on to that sheet. If you are looking for a template to get started with Oink, feel free to email us at We’ll be releasing our first template within the add-on soon, but are happy to share it with you individually in the meantime.

We will continuously be releasing improvements to the product, and want to get our customers involved in telling us what they would find most helpful in the product. If you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at

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